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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling systems provide a universal platform for transferring data, voice and multimedia applications around premises. It provides the following features: * It allows you to replace multiple wiring systems with a single, unified infrastructure, with the ability to carry data in any format, from voice through to video. * It carries a high bandwidth which means it can support emerging applications, such as IP telephony. * It is more cost effective than investing in two discrete cabling networks and is generally easier to manage. * It allows to you to make moves and changes quickly. You can plug in and start working straight away, regardless of whether you change desks, move floors or restructure whole departments.

  • Data Cabling

    Copper cabling is always evolving to keep up with new processor speeds, software applications and protocols. Cat5 (10/100Mbps) was Data Cablingalways deemed to be sufficient a few years back but even that is now obsolete. We have seen the change from Cat5 to Cat5e and then to Cat6. Cat5e again was the installation of choice as it could send gigabit over the network. But recently around 80% of new installs are in Cat6 as this allows for the maximum life span and return on investment. Also due to how Cat6 is manufactured it allows for less repeat transmissions and network down time. Cat6a and Cat7 structured systems now offer 10GB to the desk.

  • Voice Cabling

    Voice cabling (sometimes referred to as Cat 3) allows cabinets and telecom distribution points to interconnect throughout your Voice Cablingsites infrastructure. Traditionally this type of cabling was very common especially when structured cabling was introduced. These days with the introduction of VoIP, voice cabling has taken more of a back seat as VoIP can be run over traditional data cables like Cat6 and fibre links. Some older systems depend on their voice infrastructure to support their telephone systems demands and this type of cabling is common in many sites.

  • Fibre Optics

    Although only established in 2000 the staff of Merlin networks have been working in the data network industry for the Fibre Opticslast 28 years, from the very first fibre optic cable installed Ireland, 1987, the first submarine fibre optic cable from Britain 1988 to the first fibre optic video broadcast to British Telecom in London 1989. Merlin Networks can survey, design, install, test and certify your new fibre optic cabling system to the highest standards, your requirements will dictate the standard of fibre that suites best, from single mode OS1, multi mode OM4, OM3, OM2 and OM1.

  • BNC Patch Chords

    This series of BNC cable assemblies is manufactured using True 75 Ohm BNC connectors and BNC Patch ChordsMVC 333C Analogue Video cable, with colour coded strain relief boots denoting cord length. Assemblies of different length, cable colour and strain relief boot colour can be made to order. Please contact our sales department for a quotation.

  • Cable Drums

    These ‘Marcaddy’ cable drums have steel flanges and a polycarbonate hub. The drums are fitted to a cantilever spindle, Cable Drumsthus leaving one side clear to allow connectors to be fitted within the hub diameter. The two large drums have a plastic connector plate whilst the smaller drum uses the flange itself. All three sizes have a friction brake and integral winding handle. Three sizes of cable drum are available which are suitable for cables in the range 6.00mm to 13.00mm allowing their use with our BMC microphone cables and 4000 Series multipair cable up to 8 pairs. Custom connector plates can be manufactured to order.

  • Cable Drum SMPTE 311 Fibre Black RM Range

    Designed by Bryant unlimited and manufactured by Merlin Networks, this version of the SK380 cable drum has a replacement hub, SMPTE 311 Fibreallowing a smooth transition of the SMPTE 311 fibre cable from the inner hub, without compromising the minimum bend radius and causing micro bending and attenuation.

  • Moulded Mains Cable Assemblies

    We stock several types of mains cord sets. All cable assemblies use 10 AMP stranded (1.00mm2) cable with either a Moulded Mains Cable AssembliesBlack or Orange PVC jacket. Where 13 Amp plugs are used, they are fitted with either 5 Amp or 10 Amp fuses. expensive.

  • IES Lock Power Leads

    The New IEC-lock power lead is a simple way of securing power to any electrical appliance that has a male IEC IES Lock Powertype mains inlet plug. As with most good designs, the IEC-lock’s patented locking mechanism is beautifully simple. The lead is simply connected to the appliance no modifications of the mating male connector is required. Once the lead has been fitted, the connector mechanism locks it to the applicance, ensuring that the lead canont become accidently disconnected. Features and Benefits: Protection of computer equipment and servers from accidental disconnection helping to protect valuable data. • Ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration • Suitable for carious medical applications that require a secure power source. • Unique ‘Patented’ Female C13 connector ‘IEC-Lock’ • Suitable for use with any standard male C13 IE inlet • Loose coiled to avoid permanent kinks and ensure tidy installation

  • Environmental MonitoringJacarta

    Network Environmental MonitoringThe Jacarta interSeptor is designed to protect data centres, server rooms and racks by preventing computer equipment damage and data loss due to over-heating, excess moisture, water ingress, fire, power failures, security breaches, and many other potentially catastrophic environmental threats.

    Already used by thousands of leading organisations worldwide, interSeptor is an IP network device that monitors your IT environment 24/7 and remotely alerts you to problems immediately. interSeptor can be remotely monitored via a web browser or SNMP, and alarms from the interSeptor can be relayed to key IT personnel via email, SNMP, telephone voice and SMS alerts.

    interSeptor is a full-featured, scaleable network environmental monitoring device designed to remotely monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions in data centres, IT rooms and racks. Email and SNMP alerts are available as standard, but combined with our unique Alert Centre facility interSeptor can also provide automated telephone voice and text alerts 24/7 to give early-warning of impending computer room problems.

    Designed for ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, interSeptor is supplied with a dual temperature/humidity sensor, with a second temperature/humidity sensor available also. A range of optional ‘Go-Probe’ sensors to detect security breaches, power failures, smoke and water leaks can also be quickly added to the interSeptor system to provide comprehensive monitoring of your critical environments.

    Features of the interSeptor include: • Temperature/humidity sensor and 2 x Go-Probe sensor ports as standard • Monitoring via web browser interface and/or network management system • User configurable high/low warning and critical temperature/humidity thresholds • Optional Go-Probe Sensors (water, smoke, security, power) can be quickly connected • Email/SNMP alarm notification • Daily status reporting • Automated Voice and SMS text alarm notification via Jacarta Alert. Free first year subscription now available with all new purchases of interSeptor. • Extensive on-board logging/graphing capability • Comprehensive browser interface • SNMP compliant for network management system integration. MIB available • Serial, telnet, browser configuration options • BootP, DHCP • Alarm scheduling facility so that alerts can be enabled/disabled as required • 2 year swap-out warranty • 19" Optional rack kit available • Free lifetime email and telephone support

    interSeptor is supplied with a temperature/humidity sensor as standard with 2 metre interface cable. 2 x optional Go-Probe sensors can be connected to the temperature/humidity sensor and monitored via the interSeptor.

    interSeptor also has the capacity to monitor an additional temperature/humidity sensor. ScreenshotA further 2 x Go-Probe sensors can also then be connected. Our unique interSeptor design ensures cabling runs for smoke, water, security and power sensors can be minimised. Various interface cable lengths are available as required.

    SENSORS interSeptor optional sensors are available as follows: Temperature/Humidity High and low warning and critical temperature and humidity thresholds can be configured in the interSeptor to ensure Sensorsalarms are raised when room or rack conditions are abnormal. The hysteresis configuration facility ensures that alarms are not continually triggered when levels are ‘floating’ around the configured thresholds.

    Water Leak The interSeptor water leak sensor is supplied with 3m or 18m of leak detection cable.Water Leaks The cable can be run under air conditioning units, in ceiling voids, under raised floors, under pipes, and around room perimeters to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-install, leak detection facility.

    Smoke The unique sensor connectivity design of the interSeptor facilitates installation and monitoring of the smoke detector, Smoke Alarmsespecially on ceilings. The cable connection need only be run from the temperature/humidity sensor which will typically already be installed at an elevated level.

    Security The security sensor option is a magnetic reed contact sensor, ideal Securityfor monitoring rack or room door access.

    Power The power sensor will detect the presence or otherwise of utility power.Power

    Universal The Universal sensor is an interface cable that can be connected to any device offering an open or closed or high/low output. interSeptor Universalcan monitor this output for changes in state and alarm accordingly. The Universal sensor can be connected to equipment such as generators, air conditioning units, printers, UPS, security systems, fire alarm systems, etc.

  • Network Cabinet Refit

    Over time, communication cabinets can start to get full, dusty and messy, making life difficult and forcing you to spend longer Cabinet Refittrying to sort through the spaghetti. If you want us to come and look at ways of improving the efficiency of your cabinets, just give us a call to discuss. Alternatively, if your cabinet is too small for the recent growth spurts of your network, we can suggest ways of freeing space or even swapping your cabinet for a larger model.

  • Wireless Access

    Wireless is becoming more popular in certain industry environments and for specialist applications. Wireless AccessWe always believe that standard cabling is the best route for security, bandwidth and active down-time issues but there are times when only wireless will achieve the best result. Wireless is becoming more popular in warehouse environments to allow operatives to scan and pick items and have the records updated straight on to the companies’ network. Wireless has also become a second option in many businesses to allow users to move around offices and pretty much work anywhere in the building without needing a network connection. This flexibility gives businesses added advantages over their competitors. Buildings can also be linked with wireless, sometimes over great distances if standard cabling cannot be deployed or is too expensive.

  • Communication Cabinets

    When a network starts to get above a certain size, it is wise to house the passive and active cabling and equipment Comms Cabinetsin lockable communication cabinets. Integral can supply and install every type of cabinet from small wall mount enclosures to full height server cabinets. We can also advise, provide and install all accompanying equipment for the cabinets e.g. power strips, fan units, cable management and plinths. Some hard to reach places may need a cabinet flat packed and then built on-site - again we can provide this service to you.

  • Hubs, Switches & Routers

    Hubs, Switches and Routers are the Active Equipment that allows your data traffic to be sent around the network. Hubs & SwitchesSwitches are more common these days as the prices are very low in comparison to the many added benefits achieved over hubs. Switch ports can support 10/100 or 1000 Mbps speeds to suit your bandwidth requirements. Gigabit Switch ports are becoming more and more cost effective as the technologies evolve.